My name is Monika Skwarczynska and since 2012 I have run the brand Lolipopshop.
My adventure with fashion started at the end of eighties, when for the first time I visited a local second hand shop, full of unique and colorful clothes. This place quickly became my small paradise and yet I knew I would be forever addicted to search and hunt for exceptional and unique clothes and accessories. As a student, I moved abroad and discovered vintage and retro style. Then I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. My interest and fascination with fashion, art and lifestyle from decades between twenties and seventies became a true passion which led me to create the online boutique Lolipopshop.

You will find here a rare selection of vintage items and clothes created upon original, old patterns in retro style. My biggest passion is fabric I use for my clothes, that is why in Lolipopshop you will find only unique and uncommon patterns : pin-up girls, beautiful senoritas, cow-girls, cavaleras skulls, dancing la cartinas, Mexican themes, birds, butterflies, flowers and so many more. All skirts, dresses, blouses and accessories are hand-sewn and made out of high-quality cottons. As they are made manually, they also have individual layout and pattern. Classic forms combined with colouful, original patterns and themes are hallmarks of a style which is one of a kind : Lolipop style.

Kogel Mogel - logo

Twice a year, or more, I organize vintage and retro fair Kogel Mogel. Firts edition took place in 2015 in Cracow. Kogel Mogel is like a time machine bringing us back to old, funny times, full of unforgettable scents and beautiful, inspiring memories. A crazy mix of inspirations which will make your head spinning : objects which used to create home interiors and still remember a lot of anecdotes, all the rage clothes from fifties or fourties, accessories of all usage, vinyl records, vintage design and vintage-inspired contemporary design. More than welcome are polish creators and expositors. Retro music from original longplays makes this event’s climat so unique. Events, sideshows, different with every fair edition, makeup and hairstyle workshops, fashion shows bring us closer to the old times style.